Ask a Question for the Conference

Is there a burning question on your mind that we should be discussing during this event?

Please enter it in the comment space below, and we will pick the best ones and slot them in the respective panels.

Here is a partial list of questions that will be debated during the conference:

  • How do tokens contribute to a business model?
  • How do you price out the valuation of a token?
  • What are the best practices around an ICO?
  • What are the latest regulatory and compliance issues?
  • What will regulators likely do in 2017?
  • Is the speculation around token trading good or bad?
  • What is the size of the crypto-token market?
  • Why do you need a token to power a new decentralized protocol?
  • What new financial instruments will be emerging based on crypto-assets?
  • Is the market around token over-heated?
  • What are some likely end-states for 2017 and beyond?

Have a question? Please enter it as a comment. Thank you.