This year, we have just 1 level of sponsorship at $15K each. All sponsors are equal, just like the nodes on a blockchain! A sponsorship does not entitle the sponsor with a speaking slot. Sponsorship benefits are more oriented towards brand visibility before, during and after the event.


  • Pre-event, during event and post-event exposure
  • Appear at the beginning of all videos when they are edited for YouTube publishing.
  • +2 tickets total


  1. Logo with website link displayed prominently on the website
  2. Mentions in blog posts and social media, pre-event
  3. Mentions in media outreach communications

During conference:

  1. Logo on all event branding on-site
  2. Logo in Agenda and continuously displayed on screen during breaks and before sessions

Event Marketing:

  1. Mentions during email communications to existing and prospective attendees during the marketing campaign
  2. Regular social media exposure

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