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Location: Basketball City at Pier 36 NYC, 299 South Street, New York City

Wednesday May 16th

5 PM – 7 PM

Early Registration and Opening Networking Reception

Thursday May 17th 

7:30 AM

Doors open, Registration and Networking over Coffee/Tea and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

  • Opening Welcome and Setting the Stage. William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino

8:35 AM

  • Tech and Regulation from Paypal to Ethereum. David Sacks (Paypal, Harbor, Craft Ventures) ~ Fireside chat with Nick Tomaino
    From Founding COO of Paypal to founding CEO of Yammer to current crypto entrepreneur and investor, David Sacks has a breadth of experience that is rare in the cryptocurrency space. David and Nick will discuss his thoughts on the regulatory landscape for tokens, the future of security tokens and much more.

8:55 AM

  • Security Tokens. Josh Stein (Harbor), Andy Bromberg (Coinlist), Stan Miroshnik (Element Group), Anthony Pompliano (Morgan Creek) ~ Panel with William Mougayar
    What is the state of practice with tokens that are classified as securities? We hear from a variety of industry practitioners who are on the front lines and passionate about the future of security tokens. You might be surprised by what you hear.

9:25 AM

  • From Token Sale to Mainnet Launch. Andy Milenius (Maker), Julian Zawistowski (Golem), Brendan Eich (Brave), Jae Kwon (Cosmos) ~ Panel with Nick Tomaino
    Over 100 projects in the last 18 months have raised more than $30M via a token sale. Only a few have actually shipped a working product to date, and many of them never will. On this panel, we have founders who have raised via token sales and actually shipped a working product in the past 6 months. What have they learned? Did the token sale help or hurt their projects? What were their best practices around operations, e.g. treasury management and community management?

9:55 AM

  • Tokens Regulation in the US. Nancy Wojtas (Cooley), Brad Burnham (USV), Lowell Ness (Perkins Coie), Lilya Tessler (McDermott, Will & Emory) ~ Panel with William Mougayar
    We assembled some of the key players who are leading the way in educating and communicating with US regulators, such as the Securities Exchange Commission. What are the issues and challenges? What are some solutions being envisioned? What is the SEC thinking? What do entrepreneurs want from regulators? What actions would be perceived as positive or negative? What should the SEC and CFTC do?

10:25 AM  Show and Tell #1 

  • TruStory (Preethi Kasireddy)
  • Oscoin (Eleftherios Diakomichalis)
  • Bitbond (Radko Albrech)
  • ORBS (Uriel Peled)

10:45 AM  ~  Morning Networking Break with Refreshments and Snacks

11:05 AM

  • Gibraltar and Tokens. The Hon Albert Isola, Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, Joey Garcia (Isolas LLP) ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar
    Gibraltar has been punching above its weight as it carves a special place in the landscape of innovative jurisdictions that are breaking the mold with favorable regulatory actions and policies. We hear from the Honourable Albert Isola and Joey Garcia, both key players in the Gibraltar market.

11:25 AM

  • Beyond Coinbase.com: Coinbase’s New Product Expansion. Panel with Reuben Bramanathan (Coinbase Asset Management), Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu (Toshi), Sam McIngvale (Coinbase Custody), Connie Yang (Coinbase Design) ~ with Nick Tomaino
    Coinbase is now a billion dollar revenue company that has been aggressively adding new product lines like decentralized browser (Toshi), index funds (Coinbase Index), and crypto asset custody (Coinbase Custody). On this panel, we will explore the new product lines from their leaders.

11:50 AM

  • Blockstack New Product Announcement. Ryan Shea (Blockstack), Muneeb Ali (Blockstack) ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar

12:05 AM

  • Surprise Announcement. Emin Gün Sirer ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar

12:20 PM  ~  Show and Tell #2 

  • Caspian (David Wills & Robert Dykes)
  • GovBlocks (Ish Goel)

12:30 PM ~ Lunch Break

1:30 PM

  • A Tale of Two Tokens. Matthew Roszak (Bloq), Steven Waterhouse (Orchid) ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar
    Matthew Roszak provides an update on Metronome’s launch, and Steven Waterhouse reveals how Orchid was conceived and shares a few recent milestones. And maybe, a surprise discussion on another topic.

1:45 PM

  • The Asian Crypto Landscape. Vansa Chatikavanij (OmiseGo), Gordon Chen (FBG), Jason Fang (Sora Ventures), Zhuling Chen (Aelf) ~ Panel with Nick Tomaino
    Asia is leading the crypto movement globally in terms of consumer adoption. On this panel, we have 2 entrepreneurs and 2 investors to talk about why cryptocurrencies resonate so much with Asian consumers and what the landscape is the key regions of Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan for entrepreneurs and investors.

2:10 PM

  • Tokens Regulation and Activity in Switzerland. Andreas Glarner (MME), Thomas Linder (MME), Sebastian Bürgel (Validity Labs), Thomas Nägele (NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte) ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar
    When it comes to token regulation mindshare, Switzerland certainly has the lion share, while Zug has inherited the Crypto Valley moniker for a good reason. MME has been pioneering the legal work behind several ICO’s that chose the Swiss jurisdiction, and they recently published an important token classification scheme. Validity Labs has been at the heart of the Crypto Valley as an early witness to its growth, and delivering innovative blockchain projects. We also cover what Liechtenstein is doing.

2:35 PM  ~  Show and Tell #3 

  • Alice (Raphael Mazet)
  • DIRT Protocol (Yin Yin Wu)
  • bloXroute (Uri Klarman)
  • Dharma (Nadav Hollander)
  • Etherparty (Lisa Cheng)

3:00 PM  ~  Afternoon Networking Break with Refreshments and Snacks

3:30 PM

  • Where are CryptoKitties Going? Fred Wilson (USV) interviews Dieter Shirley (CryptoKitties)
    CryptoKitties were the Ethereum blockchain sensation of 2017. They captured our imagination and set-off on fire the concept of non-fungible assets. What does the future hold for CryptoKitties? What’s next and where are they going in 2018 and beyond?

4:00 PM

  • Governance and Cryptoeconomics. Chris Burniske (Placeholder), Joel Monegro (Placeholder) ~ Fireside chat with William Mougayar
    What are the economics of cryptonetworks?  What is the right monetary policy and extrinsic incentives that capture the supply and demand sides? What is the proper way to think about governance?

4:20 PM

  • Non-Fungible Tokens: A Nascent and Expanding Category.  David Pekar (Rare Bits), Devin Finzer (Opensea), James Ferguson (Etherbots) ~ Panel with Nick Tomaino
    Non-fungible tokens are capturing the imagination of developers and users alike. Since CryptoKitties launched late last year, there’s been an explosion in projects utilizing the ERC 721 token standard to create unique digital assets on Ethereum that can be collected, traded, and used in games. This panel is composed of 3 builders in the ecosystem to talk about what they’re building and where they see the ecosystem going.

4:45 PM  ~  Show and Tell #4 

  • BlockCollider (Patrick McConlogue)
  • Ironchain Capital (Jonathan Bessanaya)
  • VR All Art (Vitomir Jevremovic)
  • Paradex (Ron Bernstein)
  • Sirin Labs (Moshe Hogeg)

5:10 PM 

  • From Speculation to Usage: How do we get there? Rune Christensen (Maker), Erik Voorhees (Shapeshift) ~ Fireside chat with Nick Tomaino
    Crypto assets are now worth over $400B in market value, but the main use case remains investment/speculation. This panel explores what is needed to get beyond investment/speculation to actual usage.

5:35 PM 

  • Closing remarks. William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino

5:45 PM – 7:30 PM  ~ Farewell Reception